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Ten Minutes With… Soléne Roure, on her collaboration with Bobux

French born, Dalston dwelling designer Soléne Roure has worked with the likes of Nike, Puma, Louis Vuitton, Alexander McQueen and Lululemon, but this week announces her debut collaboration with children’s footwear brand Bobux.

We caught up with her to find out more…

SM: Can you tell us how the collaboration with Bobux came about?

Soléne Roure: The innovation & design manager at Bobux had seen some of my work and contacted me through my website. We had a number of Skype conversations and I met other members of the team in London. The enthusiasm of the Bobux team was instantly infectious and I was very excited to be working with them. They gave me a lot of creative freedom, too. They truly care about kids’ feet from an ergonomic point of view, which is very important to me.

SM: What was on your mood board when designing the collection?

Soléne Roure: Whilst I have a lot of experience designing footwear, it’s my first time working on kid’s product. It felt like a new world full of possibilities! Bobux wanted me to use my influences from working in the sports and fashion industry, and inject them into a unique product.

I was looking at what mums were currently wearing, the shoes they were into, and I wanted to make a version for the kids. So I looked at slip on sneakers. They are practical, modern and stylish. I wanted to design a shoe that could act like a blank canvas, to hold lots of colour and graphic combinations. The sole however, is very curvy, and I thought it was an interesting hybrid look. I hadn’t seen that successfully done in a slip-on before.

We created graphics that almost look like a texture from far away, yet are quite intricate when you look up close, allowing kids to engage with the playful details. Meanwhile the adults can enjoy a tasteful graphic. You’ll see it more in our future collection.

I also wanted the graphics to look like they were created by a kid. Kid’s artwork can be very similar to modern art, in the best way possible! I am excited to explore this further, in the future.

SM: Bobux are obviously known for their ‘barefoot freedom’ in children’s shoes – did this pose any limitations on your designs?

Soléne Roure: Yes, it’s a difficult balance. It’s all about communication and my job ultimately is about problem solving.

Thankfully, the Bobux team held my hand. I’ve learnt a lot about kids’ feet!  Thanks to their technical and ergonomic expertise combined with my creative efforts we were able to come up with the best design possible as a team, without compromising ‘barefoot freedom’.

SM: If you could shrink your own feet down to kids’ sizes, which shoe would you pick from the collection?

Soléne Roure: I think I would wear the Xplorer City white/black+ (with the yellow sole). I was always a bit of a tomboy growing up.

SM: And have you had any feedback from children on wearing your designs…?

Soléne Roure: Not yet, the collection only launched yesterday, we’ve had some great comments on Instagram and Facebook though so I hope people will enjoy them.

SM: Will this collaboration be the start of a beautiful relationship with Bobux..?

Soléne Roure: It’s looking pretty good, yes! I don’t know how much I’m allowed to say about this, actually.  My first collection wasn’t supposed to come out for a few months yet. Bobux was so excited though that they arranged an early release of some of the styles! That means we have more shoes coming out very soon! I can hardly wait, as these are some of my favourites so far…

View the collection online here

A week in the life of a pair of Wolky Shoes

Wolky shoes might have a less-than-glam sounding name, but they have been specially and anatomically designed for walking (shopping/running for buses…) in comfort. And unlike a lot of ‘functional footwear’, the Wolky range is packed with super cute choices – from ballerinas to boots – with fabulous craftsmanship and on-trend colours.

Editor writes: I have spent the last week wearing a lovely pair of ‘Aspe’ suede espadrille wedges from Wolky. The shoes come in a gorgeous rainbow of colours but I opted for taupe as it goes with everything. At six months pregnant, comfort is important – but I’m not quite ready to throw in the style towel just yet – but with two kids already I also need a shoe that allows me a turn of speed when I need to chase after which ever one of them has run off with my car keys…

Monday: when the shoes arrived, all boxed up, I was wondering if I’d made a mistake ‘sizing up’ as the website suggested – but actually a size up was the perfect fit. They are great shoes, with a two inch heel (so enough height to give the simple Baukjen jersey dress that has become my pregnancy staple a little bit of ‘oomph’) and the colour is lovely. 

As I said, I am in the land of the puffy ankles at the moment, so I wasn’t expecting to be slipping these on and pirouetting; I wore them for the first few hours with a pair of socks (yep, really sexy!) in case there were any bits that rubbed. 

Tuesday: I actually had a midwife appointment today and wasn’t expecting to be standing in a queue for 45 minutes (those striking Junior doctors…) but the shoes did me proud. One thing it did make me think (whilst standing in line) was that greige toenail polish and taupe shoes wasn’t a great combo – so killed a bit of time wondering what might be more complimentary… rouge noir? neon yellowInstagramCapture_7226d141-7f51-448d-bbbc-d053903840bb

Went home and opted for a sort of pale lavender… 

Wednesday: ‘designed for walking’ says the Wolky slogan and today we were shooting products for the Summer issue of the magazine. The studio was on the third floor and I’d say I walked up and down three flights of stairs around 50 times over the course of the day, carrying everything from cushions and scented candles to coffee and croissants. Totally fine – although there was a moment of panic when I spilled latte on the suede (it wiped clean, it was fine…)

Thursday: my youngest had a play date at a friend’s house where they hadn’t mentioned that they had the paddling pool up. The two-year-olds thought that the muddy puddled garden (and resulting muddy paddling water) was a dream come true; I picked my way daintily through the swamp (well, as dainty as you can be at 26 weeks) but the wedge heels worked well and I didn’t skid. Unlike a lot of espadrilles, these ones actually do have a rubber sole, so a little bit of water doesn’t totally ruin them – I probably wouldn’t recommend *actually* paddling, but being  caught in a shower won’t do any harm…

Friday: we were off to the South of France for the weekend and trying to pack for four in just one hold bag – so basically it was ‘wear the shoes or leave them behind’. You’ll probably read loads of ‘advice’ to the contrary of wearing heels whilst pregnant on a two hour flight but it was totally comfy (and I did my usual kicking them off and sitting cross legged thing anyway…) 

Definitely chic footwear for strutting up and down promenades and jetties,  cobbled squares and hilly villages – I did feel a bit like Malibu Barbie wearing them beside the pool, but hey-ho… 

Want to #Win a pair of Wolky shoes from their Summer range? Just RT and follow @WolkyShopUK on Twitter to enter…

See Wolkyshop.co.uk for full t&c’s – no cash alternative

Wolkyshop opens in Brighton 1st April

Leading Dutch shoe retailer, Wolkyshop, is set to open its first ever UK shop in Brighton this April.

The shop will be located on Bond Street in the heart of Brighton’s lively North Laine, and is scheduled to open on 01 April 2016.

Wolkyshop specialises in high-quality comfortable shoes in a range of fashionable styles and colours – and to celebrate its launch in Brighton, the shop is offering a £10 discount on all footwear purchases during the month of April*.

Wolkyshop sells only Wolky brand shoes, working closely with the footwear manufacturer to ensure that each handmade, high quality leather shoe fits the customer’s requirements.

Already a household name in Holland, where it has 11 shops, Wolkyshop is looking to sweep Brightonians off their feet – by showing that comfortable shoes can be stylish too.

Head of UK Operations at Wolkyshop, Mark Zwart comments: “We are so excited to bring Wolkyshop to Brighton. It is such a vibrant, bustling and fashion-forward city, it was the natural choice of location for our first shop in the UK!”

In its native Dutch, ‘Wolky’ means ‘cloud’, something which the shoes’ creators have drawn on – making the wearer feel like they are walking on a cloud.

For more information, please visit www.wolkyshop.co.uk.

*terms and conditions apply