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SM Chats to… Nicola Williamson, Senior Product Designer at Bobux #MMHA17

#MMHA17 nominated footwear brand Bobux took time out to share their thoughts on Winter Boot choices. 

Nicola Williamson, Bobux

Help! My child needs Winter Boots. What do I need to think about?

NW: Winter boots can be quite a hefty investment so there’s a lot you should consider before committing to a pair. For starters: where you live. Climate should be the first thing you consider so if you live somewhere particularly wet, you might want to opt for water-resistant boots. If you live somewhere with a very cold climate, then wool-lined boots should be on your radar.

You also need to think about what the boots are for. Are they going to be worn everyday? Are they going to be worn as dress shoes? Or is your little one a keen adventurer? For everyday boots, you might want to opt for something versatile and uber comfortable like Bobux Ranch boots. For dressier occasions, something classy like the Bobux Shimmer boot could be a good option. For explorers, you want something easy to clean, and easy to get on and off (but not slip off) like Bobux Pioneer boots.

The shape of your little one’s feet also matters. If your child has particularly chubby or thin feet, adjustability should be a priority. Look for boots with straps that can be fitted a bit looser or a bit more snug according to your child’s foot shape.

Are boots a better investment than just putting them in wellies all Winter?

Kids + Ranch boots in Army

NW: Definitely! Wellies are a Winter essential but they can’t be used as a substitute for footwear. As well as being notoriously ill-fitting, wellies don’t support healthy foot development, don’t allow feet to breathe and kids’ feet tend to roll around in them. A good boot will keep your child’s feet warm, support their feet, and help them to balance and improve coordination by giving feet the freedom to move more naturally. There’s nothing like wellies for jumping in those Winter puddles, but for everyday wear, opt for shoes that’ll do your kids’ feet some good.

What winter shoe buying mistakes do parents make?

NW: We’ve picked up on a few mistakes parents make when buying Winter shoes for their kids. One thing people might not think is that big of a deal is buying your child just one pair of shoes. Shoes get wet in Winter, and to get the most out of your shoes they need to be dried naturally. If you don’t have a second pair while the wet pair is drying, parents tend to speed-dry their shoes. Putting them in the dryer, leaving them in the sun (if you get much sun in Winter) and even using a hair dryer will damage shoes and shorten their lifespan. The best way to look after your kid’s feet is to keep them in dry, healthy shoes – so make sure you have a spare pair!

Parents also tend to buy Winter shoes before the cold weather has kicked in. When trying on boots, children might be wearing their Summer clothes, not realising the shoes will fit differently when they’re wearing thick, warm socks and trousers. Definitely, something to keep in mind when you’re shopping for shoes this season!

My child is super picky, do you have shoes with unicorns on them?

Blaze + Unicorn Fuschia

NW: Oh, yes we do! We have a whole bunch of characters on our Blaze trainers and the Unicorn is one of our favourites. Blaze trainers are perfect for playtime with a flexible, lightweight sole and ultra-durable micro-armoured toe cap. But the best feature of Blaze sneakers is that they help kids learn to put their shoes on the correct feet. On each shoe, you have a dazzling unicorn. When the shoes are on their feet your child can look at the characters and know that if the unicorns are touching, they’ve got their lefts and rights spot on!

My preschooler struggles to put shoes on at nursery, what considerations go into the fastenings?

NW: Fastenings play a major part in how our shoes are designed. We want to encourage kids to put their shoes on themselves – so it must be enjoyable, quick and easy. It’s best to avoid lace-up shoes as there’s a risk of making shoes overly tight which will restrict toe movement. Laces are also notoriously difficult to tie up and dangerous when they come undone. Shoes with strap fastenings are best as they’re easy for kids to get on and they stay on!

What else is unique about Bobux boots?

NW: The truly unique thing about Bobux boots is that they’re built around the equally unique shape of kids’ feet. ‘Lasts’ are used when designing shoes: Molds of feet that designers use to get the shape and fit of shoes right. The trouble with many children’s shoes is that they’re built around the last of a shrunken adult’s foot. Bobux invested in developing custom lasts for kids’ feet for each stage in their foot development. So instead of designing shoes for fully-developed yet tiny feet, we design shoes specifically for those chubby, round, still-developing tootsies.

Will they last all Winter?

NW: A lot of elements come into play when it comes to a boot’s lifespan. Extreme climates with very low temperatures or high rainfall can damage boots so it’s important to keep them polished and let them dry naturally. Generally, though, your boots should last until their wearer grows out of them. With Autumn and Winter spanning six months, this could mean your child will have to go up a size before the season’s over!

What was on the mood board for the AW collection?

NW: The AW collection was designed as a homage to nature and natural materials – but with an unexpected twist. We took earthy tones and textures, and finished the shoes with gorgeous details and embellishments. For the girls’ collection, we wanted the shoes to inspire fantasy and enchantment. Precious silver and gold, and jewels were behind the mood of these styles.

Shop online at bobux.co.uk or check the store locator for your nearest stockist.

Get a 30% discount at #MMHA17 nominees Jardine at London

To us, Jardine of London epitomises handbag elegance. Their clean lines, soft leather, and chic designs are key attributes that saw them nominated for the Mama Style category in this year’s Mummy Must Have Awards.

And to celebrate making the shortlist, Jardine are offering a 30% shopping discount to Slick Mummy readers – valid until 31st October 2017.

Shop the range of bags (including the gorgeous new Judi clutch) and leather accessories (such as the striking Suffolk leather journals).

Just use coupon code:  SLICKMUMMY30 at the checkout.

Parisian Baby label Jacadi opens its fifth London store in Battersea

Jacadi – France’s oldest baby and children’s fashion label with 270 stores in 35 countries – opens its fifth store in London on Northcote Road in Battersea.

Shop Jacadi’s range of Liberty prints, adorable knits, Breton stripes and party shoes with staff on hand to help out – or have a browse in store and then order online for home delivery (and free gift wrapping).

Jacadi Battersea is located at 50 Northcote Road, SW11 and is holding an opening party on Thursday 28 September from 2 – 6 pm. Guests are invited to discover the AW17 collection and can enjoy an exclusive 20% discount as well as other surprises on the day! For more information please visit www.jacadi.co.uk

Our pick of… Picnic Baskets

Nothing quite says ‘English Summer’ than loading up a picnic hamper with a spread and scoffing it al fresco. Obviously the right kit is crucial (unless you like scooping up waterlogged cheese and crackers from the bottom of your bag) – here are a few options we love:

Hadleigh’s Wicker 4-person basket (£49.95) has a curved lid so is much easier to close when you’ve over catered (or want to put a bottle of wine in there) and the neutral inlay makes it look much classier and more expensive than it really is.

Willow & Avon’s 4-person Tweed basket (£99.99) comes with a blanket and napkins as well as plates, cutlery, wine glasses, salt and pepper pots and a corkscrew. In fact, everything but the kitchen sink.

Going hiking (or need your hands free to push a buggy)? Try the chic grey VonShef Ash 4-person picnic backpack (£49.95) for size. The outer pocket has a chiller feature to keep your prosecco ‘party ready’.


 Feeling too lazy to cut the crusts off your cucumber sarnies? Check out The Little Picnic Company, who – as the name suggests – will do it all for you and deliver…

Your food comes either in their signature blue cardboard carrier box or pay a bit more and they’ll pack it into a wicker basket.

#BlackFriday Deals

Seemingly Black Friday is the new black. A few of our fave shopping sites have some awesome offers…

Get 30% of lovely merino childrenswear; great as base layers or winter pj’s (or on long haul flights) at Smalls with codes KIDFRIDAY or BABYFRIDAY.

Nothing says ‘punk all grown up’ like the gorgeous pieces at True Rocks – such as this rose gold pin. Get 30% off today with code: blackfriday


There’s 20% off the Black Friday collection at children’s boutique Me & Buddy – click here to view... We love this Kid + Kind sweatshirt…


Or there’s 40% off at Polarnopyret – grab this cute party dress for just £13.20!




Or check out the sample sale at Hill and Friends – not only are their bags half price but they are one of a kind too!


Take a bow: The Great British Baby Company launches fundraising campaign with ECPAT UK

The Great British Baby Company has just launched an official fundraising campaign with ECPAT UK, the country’s leading child protection and anti-child trafficking group.

It is selling a super chic collection of British-made woven silk accessories for children (ties, bow ties, and pussy cat bows) in ‘ECPAT UK purple’ with all profits going directly to ECPAT UK. The fundraising items are available via The Great British Baby Company’s online shop.

My love affair with the Koochi Pushmatic

Last week I had a fling. He was wiry, he was athletic, he had go-faster stripes – and he got me and my baby son a lot of dirty looks.

His name? The Koochi Pushmatic. 

The first thing to say about this sexy little buggy is that the Green Hyperwave trim literally had me stopped in the street by men (some of whom didn’t even have children!) commenting on how snazzy it looked. Its vibe is a cross between the sort of trainers that boys who spend a fortune on trainers have and those 90s Nokia screensavers that are now super-retro-vogue.

The second thing to say is my gosh is this thing light! I could run up and down the steps at the train station carrying this buggy – with my chubby son in it – and my laptop bag – without even needing to glance around for a potential white knight, let alone succumbing to any hopeless panting situations halfway down. Two minutes til the next train? Pah, I’ll make it in one – and with a smug look on my face!

The third – and truly surprising – thing about the Pushmatic is that it is great value. At £180 all-in the model comes with kitbag, footmuff (a really warm, rainproof one), raincover and detachable head hugger and pads. You can use this buggy on a newborn and it lasts thru 15kg – so could be all the buggy you ever need. Granted, if you want your newborn to face you as you push then this might not work, but we’d recommend giving it a go and making up for ‘lost eye contact time’ by using a Baby Bjorn carrier or Moby wrap for shorter journeys.

Koochi is actually from the same stable as the award winning Cosatto range and in its infancy as a brand. Sure, there are a few things we’d improve (the five point harness *is* a little fiddly although very secure and the brake pedal is quite big/cumbersome) but for a buggy that corners like a dream, holds a decent amount of shopping (including a family sized pizza and a bumper pack of nappies) in the underseat storage, easily folds into a car boot and gets the ‘comfy seal of approval’ from all who ride in it.

Furthermore – and I’ve tried – if you fancy a buggy you can jog with, this one is a breeze. Sure, it isn’t one of those long wheelbase fancy-schmantzy ones but with the Pushmatic you can fit it on the bus home if the jog knackers you out, or ’round the table in the local cafe if your jog just happens to take you in the direction of cake…


Sadly, my fling came to an end as we raffled the Pushmatic to raise money for charity. Big thanks to Koochi for their generosity and we look forward to supporting the product range in the future.

Koochi-koo my adorable little love buggy, I shall miss you…


Find out more or order online here.

SM chats to… Kristi and Emma of BerryClever

If you’ve not yet discovered BerryClever it’s definitely a site to scope before you buy anything new for your kids or pets. The site provides peer recommendations for a huge range of products and it’s directors Kristi and Emma work tirelessly to ensure their advice is trustworthy. We caught up with them and found out what made these two former City workers decide to trade it all in to work with children and animals…
Photo Emma and Kristi
SM: How did BerryClever come about?
Emma: Kristi and I both experienced that sense of being overwhelmed as expectant mums when it came to buying baby products. We both leant on our friends and families for advice, who all gave us a shopping list of things they had used. This was where the idea for BerryClever was formed. We wanted a place where parents could go to get trusted advice about baby products from people they know. When we researched what our audience wanted, we discovered that 86% of new mums leant on their friends and family first when considering what to buy for their children. We also found that 86% of mums preferred to read reviews from people they know and trust.
BerryClever.com is a unique online environment, which allows you to connect with existing friends and new like-minded ones to discover the products they love, regret or simply can’t live without. You simply log onto the site to browse and discover new products, and read other parents’ reviews. BerryClever’s reviews, known as ‘tips’, are no longer than 150 characters making them quick to write and read on mobile devices and ideal for busy mums on the go. Our hope is that we help parents make the right decision about what to buy, and also to give them new ideas for making life easier! There are so many baby products out there, so BerryClever is a great way of wading through all of the products and find what’s right for you. There are also lots of great pre complied lists that you can browse, these will give you ideas on the best products for dealing with certain issues such as teething or colds, or just to prepare you for different stages in your baby’s life like weaning, bathing, feeding or changing. 
SM: What has been the biggest challenge for you as a business?
BerryClever: We had a host of product features and ideas prior to launch and the most difficult thing to do was decide on which products to launch with and test first. With a limited budget we chose those which we felt would give us the most significant learnings to take the product forward.
SM: Coming from corporate backgrounds, do you miss wearing suits for work?
BerryClever: Not at all!  We mostly get to wear jeans to work, and dress up a bit more for meetings.  It’s a good mix!
SM: Being mums and pet owners yourselves, do you find you tend to agree with the tips on your site, or are there products that surprise you?
BerryClever: There are definitely products that we loved, and then found that lots of other mums didn’t like them (and they listed out great reasons for why they didn’t like them!). Most of all, we’ve discovered a lot of really innovative and helpful products that get highly reviewed, or that other parents suggest that we put on the site. Some of these products are quite simple, and will make such a big difference!
SM: Which of your respective babies, dogs and cats is the most difficult to shop for?
BerryClever: we think puppy Parker is probably the most difficult to shop for, because he is less able to tell us what he loves, mehs or wishes he had.
SM:  What’s next for the business?
BerryClever: We’re always working on refining our website and making it easier for people to use.  We are working on lots of new features and designs that we hope our members will love!

Stroller Days Out: The Baby Show 20-22nd Feb London ExCel

Got a bump? Well you have a bonafide excuse to shop – and where better than a huge fiesta of all things baby; with hundreds of products from leading brands all under one roof.

Browse the likes of iCandy, Cosatto, Joie, Mothercare, Stokke and many, many more – plus some lovely boutique brands and cult products.

Advice is on hand by way of talks from baby experts such as Annabel Karmel, Jo Tantum and breast feeding guru Clare Byam-Cook, plus fashion shows and entertainment for little ones including play areas.

Get tickets now from http://www.thebabyshow.co.uk/