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Nursery Designing for the future: trends we need to consider now

As if having children wasn’t enough of a gigantic leap into uncertainty, for many homeowners the thought of potentially ‘devaluing’ a room by converting it into a nursery can be as horrific a concept as pushing out a placenta.

But a beautiful nursery can be a style statement, and arguably the design trends here move just as quickly as those for kitchens and bathrooms. We take a moment to consider the developments current making waves and which we think will remain buoyant in the future.

Think big in a small space: aside from the proverbial ‘powder room’, it is fair to say that a nursery is normally the designation of the smallest space. But yet, there can be a lot of ‘boxy’ items to cram into that space (cot, changing table, chest of drawers etc). Whilst iconic nursery brands such as Silver Cross have recently introduced more compact versions of their furniture, we love the idea of making a big style statement and then custom building the essentials of the room around it. How wonderful would Cots of Distinctions’ Seven Seas rocking baby cot (above) look with some subtle nautical touches such as aden+anais ‘high seas’ dream blanket  or a minimalist paper boat shelf from JojoMamanBebe?

Grey is the new neutral: gone are the days when magnolia or yellow were the wall-hue staples of indecisive parents. Grey has become the perfectly pitched neutral and partners beautifully with pastels so that ‘pink for girls and blue for boys’ no longer needs to be represented by gaudy hues of Barbie of Chelsea FC. We adore Earthborn’s subtle pink ‘Maybe Maggie’ paint, or Frenchic’s ‘Moody Blue’ – both of which pair delightfully with grey.  Accessorise with a grey ball pit – like MadeByNori’s one or maybe Mokee’s ‘rainy day’ mobile?  (incidentally, if you are still sitting on the yellow fence, a touch of Daffodil brightness looks the bees-knees when paired with grey…)

Tech is your friend: Philips Avent recently launched their ‘UGrow’ Smart baby monitor, which creates a constant audio and visual connection with your baby. The monitor is unobtrusive and chic so why not integrate it with your nursery design? You might be currently baulking at the idea of a flat screen TV in the nursery, but roll on three years and having them watch Peppa Pig in their own space will be a godsend to the rest of the house. Install one early and play Baby Einstein or Mozart in HD quality.

Push Scandi further: Oh those Ikea-fiends and their clean lines. Simplicity and lack of corners in nursery design not only is the current height of vogue but has the added practical bonus that when bubba begins to toddle there are fewer sharp corners to impale themselves upon. Forget plywood curvature though; how about a real forest, complete with wild beasts? We love this hairy rocker from Scandiborn (above) or this chic wooden wall art from Etsy. 

Upcycle: why bring more unnecessary plastic tat into your home when other people’s junk can be the basis of beautiful eco-friendly furniture? Maggie and Rose’s new homeware collection includes a doll’s house made from reclaimed wood and shabby chic chairs – but why not try your hand at DIY as, let’s face it, if it goes wrong it was somebody’s trash anyhow…

Go organic: if the mention of bamboo has you thinking about Dick Van Dyke (and how he never has a bother with it) then check out brands like MORI and Piglet who are creating marvellously snuggly children’s bedding from bamboo and organic cotton.

image: The Sun

Letters play: we love the word art trend (as exemplified when Jools and Jamie Oliver announced their latest arrival, River) – but creating inspirational bon mots on a lightbox is a lovely way to bring subtle lighting into the space occupied by the new light of your life. A Little Lovely Company’s lightboxes can be customised with your own message and are available from MeandBuddy.

Who knows, your future nursery might become the stylish focal point of your home, regardless of the sleep-sapping squawker who resides in it.

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The Best Buggies for Twins

With George and Amal announcing their adorable boy/girl twins it had us chatting about double buggies – and which option the celeb couple might plump for.

Bugaboo is normally the A List choice, but the Donkey double format isn’t for everyone as it is definitely an urban option and doesn’t hold a huge amount of shopping. However, they could customise the bassinets in Bugaboo’s fab colourways and the format is compliant with seats and carseats also – so they could mix and match. RRP £1329

Not that ‘economical’ is likely to be a word used in the Clooney household but we love the cheap and cheerful Joie Aire Double Stroller in pink and blue, RRP just £145.



The quintessentially English Silver Cross brand recently added the Wave system to their range, which offers 16 combinations of seats, carrycots and carseats. It comes in some super classy shades – we love the claret colourway. RRP £995 for the basic option.

Phil and Ted are so often the go-to for active parents wanting a buggy that they can yomp up a mountain with. The downside is always that one child goes underneath, which is fine when one child is older but possibly less democratic with twins.  (Pictured is the Verve, RRP £549)

Or for the seriously sporty, the Britax BOB Revolution SUS has rugged tyres and a fixed front wheel option for faster speeds; suitable for jogging or skating. It’s not light (that’ll be the state of the art suspension) but presumably Clooney won’t be having to haggle with Ryanair about weight allowance any time soon… (The model pictured is on offer through Amazon at £279)

Xmas Shopping: Winter Shades of Pale

If subtle hues and stealth luxe are your thing, have a look at a bit of shopping-porn and see if you can think of anyone who deserves to be spoiled this yuletide.

SM chats to… Melanie Allan, Commercial Manager, Silver Cross – Head of Home Products Division

Recently we were invited to view the new Silver Cross Soho nursery furniture set, consisting of a cot bed and dresser combo, both designed to work in small spaces.

With its Royal connections, you’d be forgiven for thinking that Silver Cross aficionados all dwell in mansions or Disney-looking castles, but this is not so the case – and as a brand they are really pushing some design boundaries (check out the Surf2 buggy, for example…)

The Soho set itself has some great details, including a double drop of hanger space inside the wardrobe (which can obviously become a single drop as your child grows) and a changing table that pops out to sit safely on top of the drawer unit.

Melanie Allan from Silver Cross told us more about it…

SM: Why did Silver Cross decide to design a set of furniture for small spaces? 

Melanie Allan: We wanted to design a range with modern families in mind. We know that often the nursery is the smallest room in the house but that doesn’t mean that you don’t want and need premium quality furniture and flexible storage options to fit in that space. It just means that you need your furniture to work harder for you.







SM: What were the most important considerations?

Melanie Allan: The most important consideration was to design a flexible solution for a smaller space. From talking with mums and dads, we know that just because you have a smaller space doesn’t mean that you don’t need both hanging and drawer space. We have designed Soho so you no longer need to compromise. Now you can have flexible storage that grows with your child plus our revolutionary one touch changer unit that slides out when you need it and folds easily away when you don’t.

SM:  The changing unit is genius, is this a ‘design first’?

Melanie Allan: This is a patented design that is unique to our Silver Cross Soho range. It builds on our design concept of making your furniture work harder by integrating into our existing combo unit. Just one touch and the patented changing system slides out and locks into place. Then easily folds back when not in use leaving a clean, clutter free area to maximise the space in your nursery.
SM: Will the combo be available in different colours? 

Melanie Allan: We are launching it first in the ever popular brilliant white, but may also look to introduce a warm oak version in the near future.

SM: Can the bed withstand toddler bouncing…? What other tests is it put through?

Melanie Allan: All Silver Cross furniture is fully tested to British & International Standards (Cot Beds – BS EN 716:2008 & BS 8509:2008+A1:2011)

SM:  Are the Nostalgia/Classic Silver Cross furniture pieces the most popular, or are parents looking for more contemporary designs? 

Melanie Allan: Silver Cross now offer a range of products to suit all tastes whether that be traditional, classic or contemporary. Nostalgia is an extremely popular classic design but we are also seeing increased interest in our designer chic Notting Hill range and our contemporary Portobello range.

Find out more at: www.SilverCrossbaby.com

(images: Silver Cross)

Our pick of Spring baby stuff…

We’ve been coo-ing and clucking over this adorable selection of Spring inspired baby gear…

Nestle up with the cheery 2-in-1 Playnest from Galt Toys, which is an activity ring that doubles up as a supported recliner – which can be used from birth – when your little lamb needs a snooze. Lots of great squeaky, squishy, shiny interactive stuff to keep them amused and the whole thing collapses down to about the size of a laptop case for easy transport (although you’ll need a bit of puff to blow it back up again). Lovely design; cheerful butterflies, ducks, frogs etc will help encourage banter from bigger bubs.

Swaddle up with these beautiful and super soft bamboo swaddles from Bambini and Me. We’re swooning over the lemon yellow puddle ducks design (but the come in a gorgeous range of colours) which is big enough to double as a blanket, pram shade, picnic blanket (and all the other brilliant things you can use a swaddle for!)

You can get up to 40 characters on this personalised bunny comforter from I Just Love It. Enough for a special message, or – you know – if your husband wanted to name your daughter after every player in the League… Super soft bunny ears for years of snuggles.

These little bunny booties rattle when your dinky one air-dances. Delightful accessory for that golden time when they are too small to pull them off and chuck them down drains… Available from Trotters for 0-6 months.
If you go down to the woods… Stock up on Badger Balm, now available in a mini tin. Great for boo-boos, scratchies, general softness (horrify your childless chums by using it for nappy rash, then doubling up as lip balm too).

Make a colour POP with the new from-birth buggy from Silver Cross. This hip new member of the quintessentially British classic range is designed to be maneuvered and folded with just one hand – leaving the other one free for doing a Royal wave (presumably)… Lots of cheery colourways, including ‘wasabi’ and ‘aubergine’…