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SM Reviews… Martha Hill Skincare

Martha Hill’s story is equally tragic, inspirational and – well – a little bit bonkers.

A true Slick Mummy, she was widowed when disaster met with her pilot husband’s plane just weeks before the birth of her youngest daughter in 1947 but rallied her strength to raise her children and tend a productive farm. At her kitchen table she began to use plants and herbs to make beauty products – and the range began.

Martha also had a successful fashion career – and her youngest daughter went on to debut the mini skirt at Ascot – and today the Martha Hill range caters for all skin types and is praised by women of all ages for helping them achieve an ‘English Rose’ complexion.

We tested a selection of products from the Martha Hill range, which are all available from Beauty Naturals.

Our SM tester says: I loved the look of the packaging for this range, really old fashioned/classic looking, like my grandmother would have used.

– Rosewater Skin Tonic: I grew up soothing my teenage skin with rosewater and witch hazel, which I bought from the chemist and then decanted into a vintage glass bottle. It seemed so decadent, but was also much kinder to my skin than harsh spot treatments. To this day using anything rosewater based always makes my skin feel clean and fresh, and this product is divine. It smells lovely and your skin just glows with health after just a couple of days use…

– Gardeners’ Cream: I was keen to try this one as the Winter has ravaged my hands – well, Winter and being without a dishwasher for a few months, scraping the ice off the car windscreen every morning and forgetting my gloves on a daily basis – and even my beloved Eight Hour Cream wasn’t making any difference. This comes in a huge tube and can be used on all rough extremities – as it were – is packed with nourishing almond and wheatgerm oil and isn’t greasy at all. I kept the tube in the car and before the week was out my husband was using it too (especially on his bald spot).

– Mimosa Night Cream: this one is part of a set including cleanser and day cream, I tried the night cream and even reading the ingredients sounds luxe. The product is packed with Mimosa Absolute (Mimosa is the flower of happiness, apparently), ylang ylang, beeswax, honey, juniper berry … I must say the smell of it is quite strong and distinctive – not unpleasant – but definitely perfumed. When you use the cream at night it really does tighten up the skin – after a couple of nights I was using it on my neck and decolletage also.

– Perfect Finish Face Powder in Rose Beige: For serious vintage glamour, nothing beats loose powder. This one comes in a small enough tub with a decent lid so as to prevent accidental handbag explosions and is easy to get a smooth, even finish with just a make up sponge – so all in all pretty portable. It comes in three shades and this one gives sallow skin a little bit of a pink flush. It is packed with kaolin to soak up skin shine and create a matte finish. Martha’s range also includes cream foundation if you need more coverage.

Editor’s Tip: Martha was a huge advocate of raw food, saying “The earth provides wonderful foods which aren’t used enough. At this time of year you can make marvellous salads with raw vegetables, grated celery and watercress – but not the stuff grown in boxes, the big river cress.” … Channel Martha’s love for the green stuff with Jamie Oliver’s cress salad with mackerel pate

Teen Idols we heart: Molly Ringwald

She was an 80s Jayne Mansfield with her ice-cream-pink bucket hat and vintage car in ‘Pretty in Pink’ but our SM crush moment was when she did ‘the lipstick thing’ in Brat Pack uber movie ‘The Breakfast Club’

Now a Slick Mummy herself to Mathilda, Adele and Roman here’s hoping she still utilises that special talent; maybe to tear the top off a Frube or a cheese string…?

Get the look: rock the redhead vibe with Garnier Olia Intense Copper

Slick Mummy Moments: Beyonce and Blue Ivy

We’ll be paying tribute to SM moments we love – and thought we’d kick off with this one, in celebration of Blue Ivy’s third birthday.

Mummy Bey looks super luxe and groomed in her peach and grey combo and how adorable are her daughter’s silver ballet pumps..?Choosing to stay hydrated with Smart water, whilst carrying a coordinated baby bottle warmer – and her ultimate accessory: a look of complete serenity!

Get the look with Bloch’s Sarah Glitter ballet flats

Image Marie Claire

Victoria’s Secret Wishlist

We saw the Dream Angels rocking the $2m bra at the London Show last night and lovely as Adriana and Allesandra looked, we think those rubies would probably get lost down the back of the sofa or stuck in the hoover.

Here’s our pick of the most beautiful alternatives from one of Slick Mummy’s hero brands

  • Sexy Little Things Bustle Back Slip: if your daughter’s party dress is making you green (or pink) with envy, get the grown up version and turn your back on the world…  
  • The lace and chiffon slip from the Designer Collection: with just the right amount of cleavage and at just the right ‘grown up’ length, wear this one under your work suit and give yourself a  little mid-afternoon flash …               
  • The satin kimono: pictured here in ivory, we are loving the apricot and candy stripe colourways too…
  • The Secret Bare Hiphugger panties: everyday understated chic to keep all the right junk in all the right places…
  • The Sherpa Blanket from the Pink Collection: channel your inner Minnie Mouse with this one – great for the beach, the sofa, outdoor concerts/picnics, or even wear it as an oversized wrap…   

Explaining Erotica to a Toddler

OK, so you’re momma Kim Kardashian and little Nori is asking why your ample, oiled butt is gracing the cover of a magazine..?

Fair enough, it’s not a situation we’re all likely to find ourselves in, but if the little ones do discover one of our indiscretions (whether it’s a saucy bit of textual nudity or casually annotated copy of the Karma Sutra) then here’s a bit of Slick Mummy advice to ease the convo:

  • Say ‘Do as I say not as I do’ is the advice that comes from Madonna – the raunchiest of role models  – whose four kids apparently have a strict regime at home and no mobile phone until their 16th birthday…
  • Check your child’s school’s policy on Sex Education, which they are obliged to provide. Do they advocate the use of ‘clinical’ terminology or slang? Using terms like ‘penis’ might make grown up concepts seem more ‘grown up’.
  • “Wait until your child asks you,” says Robert Walrath, a child psychologist at the Center for Educational and Psychological Assessment in Manchester, New Hampshire. “If children are not asking, it’s not important to them.”
  • Former Playboy Mansion resident Kendra Wilkinson says ‘don’t make a fuss’. Whatever the situation, if you make it a big deal, so will the child.

Or you could just go for the ‘Ross from Friends option’ and launch right into Sir Mixalot’s ‘I like Big Butts…’

Hi-Tech Feeding Bottles

Despite the professionals at the Cow & Gate helpline assuring us that the best bottles for bottle feeding (regardless of colic, tongue tie or need for boobie similarity) are the cheapy ‘straight up and down’ ones you get from the chemist, there seem to be a plethora of new, super-sciency ones out on the market at the moment.

Our Slick Mummy testers gave the following the once over (with three and six month old babies):

Munchin Latch System

This one is meant to mimic the breast, rather than look like one. The teat is much larger and less ‘pert’ than most and comes in three flow speeds. The bottle has a built in anti-colic valve and the bottle comes in two sizes.

Pros: our tester thought the bottle performed well – especially with the faster teat – and the design (including the pretty blue valve) was lovely.

Cons: the base arond the valve is hard to clean.

Available at Boots, £6.99 per bottle

Tommee Tippee Closer To Nature Advance Comfort System

The Tommee Tippee bottles have the appearance of the sort of breast that would neatly nestle into a champagne saucer (wouldn’t ours all?) but this new addition to the range includes an air venting system (a bit like a cocktail swizzle stick) which prevents bubbles. Again, these come in two bottle sizes.

Pros: our tester thought the product performed well and was compatible with the regular TT accessories (bottle warmer etc)

Cons: our tester advised that one screw the lid on a bit tighter just before feeding as hot water cooling seems to contract the seal a little bit.

Available at Boots £13.99 for two bottles.

Dr Brown’s Natural Flow System

These claim to reduce colic and also preserve vitamins through preventing oxidation (who knew milk oxidized?) and they come in a variety of colours,  sizes (including preemie) and teat flows. Recommended by 9/10 midwives.

Pros: our tester liked the colourways and the fact that they were easy to clean and didn’t cloud.

Cons: a bit fiddly to put together and prone to leaking if not done properly.

Available at Boots £19.99 for starter kit.