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Classlist: the virtual school gates app

If first week of school has meant a series of frantic interactions with fellow parents along the lines of ‘we must put a date in to catch up’ or ‘can we trade afterschool pickups?’ or ‘what day are you doing swimming lessons?’ – then completely forgetting what the other person said as the whole conversation was lost in a blur as your child had a meltdown because you forgot their gym socks.


Well if so – new social platform Classlist might be one to check out. The gist is that it allows you to interact with other parents, plot playdates etc from the comfort of your phone or laptop – no need to try and juggle diary dates whilst still in zombie-mode and lacking caffeine. Can’t remember the name of the new kid? Nevermind – just look them up on Classlist and say hi to Mum and Dad…

image: celebritybabyscoop
image: celebritybabyscoop

Classlist differentiates itself from existing US-based social networks – Facebook, WhatsApp and LinkedIn – through an unrelenting focus on making parent life easier, along with a strong emphasis on security, moderation and management. The site has a multitude of tools designed to help with the job of parenting, rather than encouraging users to chat.

Susan Burton, co-founder of Classlist, said,

“Classlist solves a very simple problem: most schools don’t give out parent contact information. Schools are rightly concerned about data privacy, and few people are willing to put their phone number or home address on a big social media site. It is incredibly important for parents to build a trusted community. Having these details makes it a lot easier.”

Clare Wright, co-founder of Classlist said,

“Parents increasingly juggle responsibilities between full time jobs and school, and some tell us they struggle to identify other parents in their class. Classlist has all the information a parent needs in just a click or two.”

The sign-up page for new schools is here: try.schoolclasslist.com/set-up/