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Celebrate National Baby Swimming Week with a 15% discount from #MMHA17 Nominated Splash About

To celebrate National Baby Swimming Week, our favourite kids’ swimming brand Splash About is offering a 15% discount on its New Improved Happy Nappies (offer valid 16th-22nd October 2017 inclusive) and 15% off its range of full price baby wetsuits (offer runs 16th-31st October 2017) – just visit www.splashabout.com and enter code BSW17 at the checkout.

If you’re wondering what is ‘new and improved’ about the Happy Nappy design, well (apologies if you’re still eating toast) it all comes down to the leakage of poo. Basically, remove the stress of being that poolside parent shamefacedly confessing to their child’s ‘faecal accident’ from your life by dressing them in one of these. And they come in a whole range of gorgeous designs, to suit little ones with big personalities too!

The iconic Splash About Happy Nappy gets a redesign

Splash About has redesigned its multi-award winning Happy Nappy, after two years in development it introduces the most reliable, reusable baby swim nappy on the market today; the new improved Happy Nappy. Fully tested and approved by UK swim schools it offers maximum protection against faecal leaks due to its new ergonomic design.

The science bit…

Technically constructed from malleable neoprene, the new improved Happy Nappy has unique moulded back panels that cup baby’s bottom, secured with an innovative fitted gusset that’s designed to be flexible but holds any faecal matter safely inside the nappy.

Specialist-pressured fabric creates the extended high ribbing at the waist and legs. This increased elasticity creates a secure but comfortable seal to prevent gaping in traditional areas such as the base of the spine, waist and legs.

This new form fitting shape crucially moves as the baby moves, but uniquely there’s no gaping, regardless of how hard baby kicks and moves in the water.

Made from premium neoprene the new improved Happy Nappy is reusable and offers UPF50+ sun protection in and out of the water – perfect for pools at home or abroad.

Available now from www.splashabout.com in a range of new designs RRP £10.99

HELP! My baby hates swimming… A guest post by Bernadette Spofforth, CEO of Splash About #MMHASPLASHABOUT

Bernie 1All the advice says swimming is a life skill; start it earlier rather than later, but what happens if your baby develops water wobbles after enjoying lessons for months?  Reluctant swimmers can present themselves when you least expect it; here are a couple of tried and tested tips from Bernadette Spofforth, CEO of Splash About to entice them back into the water…

My baby cries when I take her swimming, what am I doing wrong?

First swimming experiences can be a shock and many babies and toddlers will cry and fuss for the first few lessons, this is a case of persevering and talking to your swim teacher.

Splash ABout - Happy Nappy Wetsuit Vintage MobyHowever nine out of 10 babies cry because they are cold, even in warm water as young babies aren’t as active. A warm baby is a happy baby; it’s time to invest in a baby wetsuit.

There is a range on the market but the Happy Nappy Wetsuit is the only one that complies with British Standard guidelines for baby swimming. This is because uniquely it integrates a swim-school approved neoprene nappy into the body of the wetsuit.

Made from supple neoprene, this wetsuit means no more leaving swim lessons early due to shivering babies and no need for disposable nappies too, making it cost effective and eco-friendly.

Is it worth investing in swim toys?

Sometimes distraction techniques can be helpful for reluctant swimmers.  The baby swim mirror is a concept that has rapidly gained momentum since its introduction into a number of international swim schools. A wet smiling reflection provides a welcome distraction for babies who are not yet relaxed in the water and it’s a fun way to stop worried tears.

Babies learn through play so investing in a few great CE marked toys is also a must, but be careful about non CE marked toys because the paint tends to flake off after exposure to chlorine and this can be dangerous when mouthed by teething babies.

Splash About - Splash Pals Sammi Seal (low res)Toys such as Splash Pals are manufactured from natural rubber and hand-painted with a high-grade vegetable based paint so they are safe for teething babies. These swim toys are naturally resistant to mould because they don’t have any air holes. The colourful swim characters are ergonomically designed for little fingers to grasp, and will always flip on their backs promoting a great safety message for little ones learning-to-swim.

When should I use armbands?

Splash About - Float Suit Apple Daisy designOnce your toddler is comfortable in the water a float suit is a great next step. Suitable from 12months with adjustable buoyancy, it positions the child correctly in the water for learning-to-swim and leaves arms unrestricted by armbands or reliant on holding floats. Be warned, putting on/taking off can be a struggle so make sure you choose one with a back zip to avoid changing room tussles!

Whenever you choose to introduce your baby to the joys of swimming, remember be patient – sometimes having fun takes practice!

Find out more at www.splashabout.com

Vote for Splashabout in the MMHA16 by using the hashtag #MMHASPLASHABOUT on social media

Lovely Little Things: The Splash About Happy Nappy Wetsuit

If you’ve done the WaterBabies course you’ll know what a Happy Nappy is – that snug fitting pair of overpants that is the course requirement over swimming nappies in order to maintain *ahem* decorum in the pool.

We’re thrilled to see that the range now extends to wetsuits, which come in a delightful range of designs.

Editor writes: my youngest little porpoise is currently having swimming lessons at the Queen Elizabeth Aquatic Centre, which despite costing millions (and being generally swanky) is actually jolly chilly. The main reason (says Jenny, the lovely instructor, who herself comes clad in a rash vest and shorts) is that they can’t make the ‘baby section’ warmer because it uses the same water as the lane swimming bit. Either way, to date we have kept ourselves warm with Dunkirk spirit and lots of rousing verses of ‘row, row, row the boat’. So the Splash About wetsuit was a welcome addition for my son – we reviewed size XXL in ‘Surf’s Up’ which is orange and light blue with a surfboard design – and proved very easy to negotiate him into (whilst running late and in a packed changing room), unlike the actual wetsuits my older son has for the beach. Again, these are designed to work with the swim nappy (we use Little Swimmers) and it’s a good snug fit. If the weather is warmer, you can actually get the Happy Nappy version (ie more like pants) in the same design, or for outdoor adventures there is a full-on long sleeved thick and insulated version – but for the moment the Happy Nappy Wetsuit is suiting him just fine and gives us at least another 15 minutes in the pool before the shivers take over.

Mummy, on the other hand, will just have to stick to a restorative cappuccino in the car park…