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Celebrate National Handwriting Day with Stabilo

Editor¬†writes: “I love handwriting. Cursive, loopy… the sort like mine that looks like a seismograph reading… Not so much my middle child, who would rather wield a tennis racket than a pen. But we had never really thought about improving the engagement with the pen. Well – other than ‘Do you want to try the red one now darling?’

If you have a preschooler struggling to get to the starting line, Stabilo’s EasyGraph pencils are well worth a look as they have lovely ergonomic indentations to help little hands grip in the right places.

For slightly bigger ones who want a ‘grown-up pen’ but break every biro you lend them by putting too much pressure on the nib, the left or right-handed EasyOriginal rollerballs are wonderful.

There is lots of helpful handwriting support on Stabilo’s Pen License webpage also.”