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Which supermarket should you do your Xmas shop with?

Whilst we’re 100% behind supporting the High St and Farmer’s Markets, when it comes to the festive season and its onslaught of houseguests, it’s good to have a stocked freezer.

But you might be surprised at the difference in fat, sugar and calories between supermarket brand Xmas produce.

Nuyoo.co have compared holiday items from five major supermarkets (Asda, Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Waitrose and Morrisons), to see which supermarkets fared the best, comparing the same portion size each time.

Asda’s mince pies were the most calorific of all supermarkets included in the research, weighing in at a whopping 280 calories per mince pie. That’s 48 calories more than the lightest option: a 232-calorie mince pie from Morrisons.

The biggest calorie differences were for stuffing (120 calorie difference), pigs in blankets (34 calorie difference between Morrisons and Tesco’s versions) and cranberry sauce (a difference of 65 calories).

The biggest game-changers, or Christmas purchases with the largest sugar content difference, were cranberry sauce (where switching to Morrisons from Sainsbury’s could save you 17g of sugar!), mince pies (8g difference per mince pie) and Christmas cake (8g of sugar difference).

The seasonal foods with the biggest difference in fat content were stuffing (where Waitrose’s stuffing managed to pack 14.8g more fat than Sainsbury’s version), pigs in blankets (2.8g difference in fat content per portion) and Christmas pudding (3.8g difference between Asda and Morrisons).

Food for thought…