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SM reviews…’Bella and Bentley’ by Suzanne Lees

SM reviewer writes: ‘Bentley wanted to sit on Mummy’s lap and kiss the baby, but was told ‘No’. Bentley felt lonely and sad…he just wanted Mummy…’

Does any of this sound familiar? 

Yes – except that in this case, Bentley isn’t a hipster older sibling, but an adorable French bulldog, hereby exemplifying that a) a new arrival can be explained to a toddler via the medium of lapdogs and b) the family pooch needs love too. 

This is a lovely story and a wonderful alternative to many of those ‘new baby’ titles (which my sons, for example, found a little ‘sappy’) and the ending is delightful. 

In our own case, the family dogs preceded the children, so this book served as an apt reminder to my husband and I that once upon a time our world was theirs alone… Which was enough of an incentive for us to get our hiking boots on and take the dogs out to the woods whilst the kids were at school…

Bella and Bentley is published by Suzanne Lees and is the first of a series.