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#SMSleepWeek: Swaddle Style

Swaddling is an age old and wide-respected technique for settling babies into slumber – also aiding colic, providing comfort and a womb-like sensation for the sleeping baby – and we’ve found that despite looking (in a textbook) like doing a bit of origami with your wee one, in fact, the trick is identifying the type of baby you have and matching it with the right swaddling product.

Best Classic Swaddle:  we award this to Aden + Anais, with their supersized, supersoft swaddles that come in a range of beautiful designs (and hey – if they were good enough for Prince George). They double up as a pram shade, burp cloth – just general SM accessory (our Ed ties one to her Mulberry Bayswater )

Our SM tip with these is that the more you wash them the softer they get, so if you are struggling to make the ends ‘tuck’ then iron down a couple of corners first before you use – this gives them a bit more ‘stick’.

Best for Wriggly Babies: we adore the Love to Dream Swaddle UP for wrigglers. It was often thought (taught, chastised…) that if your baby likes to move its arms then you should simply swaddle tighter. But in fact, as long they can keep their arms as warm and snug as the rest of them,  they love the ability to rub their noses, suck whatever is going and generally wave their arms in the air in a baby-rave style. This range caters for babies from birth up to 36 months; details include clever twin zippers, seams on the outside and gorgeous colourways.

Love To Dream

Best for Easy Peasy: the Maguari’s Miracle Blanket is uniquely shaped to make swaddling a doddle. Secure the baby’s feet in the bottom, then wrap both arms in and secure with velcro. Prevents scratching, crying and makes latching easier.  Suitable up to 14 weeks – which is so fleetingly swift that amongst our office we have passed them down, but wonder if the brand might not start a nationwide recycling programme?

Best Organic Cotton: The Gro Bag organic swaddle ticks all the boxes here, made from soft but warm organic jersey, and washable at 40 degrees, this is a great green product. Gro Bag work with The Lullaby Trust and the charity recommend their products.