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School Run Superheroes

Little things that save you precious minutes in the mornings, when you’re trying to navigate unwilling scholars towards the front door.

Revlon’s Pro Collection Salon One Step Hairdryer and Volumiser is basically a bouncy blow out in 2 mins flat. Or – not flat – as it were! Dries and detangles, plus gives hair some oomph whilst protecting against heat damage. It’s relatively quiet, so the sounds of your kids’ demands for Weetabix are still audible whilst you are drying your hair, but it is also convincing as a fuzzy pink magic wand to wave and point in their direction whilst reminding them that they know where the kitchen is.

And on the subject of good hair days, Lee Stafford’s Air Dry cream is a wonder product that sets damp hair into waves, for a ‘groomed but undone’ sort of do. Use either in conjunction with your hairdryer or let your hair dry naturally.

Bryt Skincare’s Day Moisturiser packs a double whammy in that it moisturises and mattifies at the same time, meaning that you’re covered if that mad dash through the school gates as the bell is ringing would normally render you ‘shiny pored’.

And finally, Swish to Go might be one of the weirdest beauty ritual experiences, but it’s well worth a try. You pour the little sachet of minty granules onto your tongue, it dissolves into a liquid which you swallow and – hey presto – zingy fresh clean mouth. It is a bit like drinking toothpaste but if you slugged the last dregs of your lukewarm coffee as you left the house this is an instant breath reviver when the head of the PTA corners you in the playground for ‘a chat’ …