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Order one of our Slick Mummy Xmas tees…

Looking for something festive, yet sophisticated to wear on Xmas Day? Why not order one of our Slick Mummy Xmas tees or sweatshirts? Here are the design options…


Alles Shlaft: for those who are on top of it all by the start of September, celebrate your smugness with our one-liner from ‘Silent Night’, which in the German translates to ‘all are sleeping’ rather than ‘all is calm’. Which is a bit smugger, Right?

Horsey Xmas: got a pony? Want a pony? Just think the world would be better if Xmas was all about ponies? ‘Deck the horse with bales and holly’ would be our rhetoric for you.

Tannenbaum und hundegluck: We loved this phrase when we discovered it, it translates to ‘fir tree and dog love’ – which to us is the definition of Xmas hygge.

Waltz Darling: Loved up for Xmas? Take a leaf out of Malcolm MClaren’s books and twirl. Just don’t trip over the LEGO.

Our tees cost £14.99 each and mostly come in sick-up friendly colourways plus they are made from organic cotton. Designs also available as sweatshirts – they come up quite large so check the sizing on the site.

For all options visit our Teespring Store.

Want one of our Slick Mummy tees?

Looking for something clean to wear? Try one of our organic cotton slub tees or unisex college sweatshirts for size. They come in a range of colours that hopefully won’t show up too many baby dribble stains and are super comfy…

Grab yourself a tote as well and make a statement in Tesco.


Order now for 14 day delivery: visit our online store.

Thanks to Teespring for the chance to create these…