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We checked out the new Vauxhall Crossland X

You’ll see more on this in the next issue of the magazine, but we thought we’d give you a little preview.

Crossland X is Vauxhall’s latest SUV and you may have seen their recent #PyjamaMamas campaign. We thought that instead, we’d let one of our Dad writers and his sons put one to the test drive.

SM Dad writer reviews: “Being a Dad, I tend to tackle most things with lists. So I made a list of the best things about the Crossland X. And so did my eldest son Wild.

Here was Wild’s list:

  1. It is orange like a bumble bee. 
  2. When Daddy does parking you can watch behind like it’s on TV.
  3. You can make it do your phone and the internet.

My list included the fact that the boot space is easily big enough for a buggy and a couple of kids’ bikes, that the head-up display means you can keep your eyes on the road and that the panoramic parking sensor means that you can avoid that situation when trying to park when you turn your gaze to the rear to see how much space there is behind and are suddenly drawn into mediating a backseat squabble. 

For a family car, it is really nippy and also very spacious. I normally drive a Jeep Cherokee (which I have convinced myself is the only option for three kids) but actually, their car seats and all their junk fitted in just fine (more’s the pity, as I’d been rehearsing a speech about de-cluttering on long journeys.

The car comes in numerous colourways; we tested on in amber orange, which the boys adored and I’ll concede to say was ‘striking’. Put it like this, you won’t lose one in a car park anytime. 

I got quite into the parking sensor; which gives you a clear 180 degrees rear view plus also a diagram showing how you should best park. I must confess I swore at it the first time, but it is definitely a useful addition to city driving. 

The sunroof is also great; it’s massive so when open it feels like driving a sports car. It really goes when you put your foot down (I took it out on some sleepy seaside roads as well as through London.)

And as for doing the school run in my jim jams in one..? With a car like that, I’d consider that a waste of a good driving opportunity. Well,  actually… maybe if I got myself some orange ones to match…”

With thanks to Vauxhall and Kaper UK – the Crossland X is available from £15,640 – see your local Vauxhall dealer for more details.