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Our capsule new baby kit

We recently took on the challenge of creating a capsule pregnancy wardrobe, but how about a capsule new baby kit?

‘What?!’ you cry ‘,No rinky dinky ninky nonk train? ‘No baby bath noodle?’ ‘No fuzzy wuzzy doo-dah?’

Nope. We’re being strict and streamlined. Here’s our pick of what’s genuinely useful, great value and – unlike the bath noodle – won’t be gathering dust at the back of the cupboard.

The Koochi Pushmatic stroller: we’ve recently discovered this brand (created by the same design team as Cosatto) and we think the Pushmatic is one of the smartest new baby investments you can make. Sleek, sporty (it’s a three wheeler) and suitable from birth (in the recline position) til three, this one will serve you well for country walks, shopping trips, ‘one-handed folding in the supermarket car park’ situations and battling public transport (did we mention this little gem only weighs 6.7kg?) Our Dad-writers oohed and aahed as much as we did over the colourways  – especially the Green Hyperwave (pictured) – and this stroller (including footmuff and lots of accessories) is currently on offer from Koochi’s website at just £144. (Check out Koochi’s equally sporty range of car seats too!)

koochi_pushmatic_hypergreen_3qtr_footmuff_co_R_RGB koochi_pushmatic_hypergreen_profile_co_R_RGB

The TinyLove 3-in-1 Rocker and Napper: this clever sleep/play solution means you can dispense with the Moses basket, baby nest, sleep pod, bouncer chair, baby gym, rocker – and also all those ‘musical stimulation’ gizmos . In the recline position it is a comfy cradle which can be stable or rocking, or sit it upright to create a bouncer chair/activity centre complete with toys, vibrations and music. Essentially, what this means is you can safely strap your newborn in the chair whilst they are awake (and you want to have a shower) and then when the lullaby tunes, rocking, mirror and rattle toys knock them into slumber you can simply recline into napping mode without needing to transfer the little angel into a crib and risk waking them up.

Tommee Tippee Perfect Prep: At SM we don’t judge how you feed your child, but if you’re going to bottle feed them this invention is simply genius. Gone are the 2am fumbles for the kettle. No more are the 2am scalded wrists as you squirt boiling milk on parts of your own anatomy. With the same sort of logic as a Nespresso machine (and now available in stylish black as well as standard white) in two minutes flat your bottle will be filled with perfect temperature, bacteria free formula, made up to the correct proportions. There’s even a beeper so you don’t need to time the two minutes. Ocado have this one on offer, but be quick!

aden + anais muslin swaddles: we love this brand and a set of their swaddles is the first thing we’d be popping in our hospital bags. Doubling as a sheet/lightweight blankie, comforter, burp cloth, spill wiper, buggy shade, picnic rug, towel – even an emergency nappy – the more you wash these muslins the softer they get. Generously sized, they make swaddle wrapping easy (even for wrigglers). Kids love the adorable designs for years to come (many of us have tots who still take them to pre-school as a snuggler) and if you’re using them as a breastfeeding cover the vintage-chic stripes will double as a cute scarf too.

Pacapod Changing Bag: another MMHA15 winner, we’ve lost count of the times we’ve said to an expecting mother ‘if you buy just one thing get a Pacapod’. Designed to make changing on the go almost a pleasurable experience and super stylish to boot, check out the new range – including our new lust item, the Jasper bag.

The BabyBjörn We Carrier: use this one from birth til three years, carrying either frontways, or on your back. Get mobile with your newborn; whether its out and about or just having two hands free for a few menial tasks at home, the Baby Bjorn is a design classic and has won countless awards – they have thought about your poor aching, post preggo muscles here too – and the fastening mechanism is simple enough to maneuver with even the least passive child, as well as being super safe. Check out the seasonal colour ranges too  – no need to settle for boring black!