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Fearne Cotton’s tips for busy parents

Upfront of her book launch this week, Fearne shares some parenting tips:

1)   Try and look after yourself! As parents, we put ourselves at the bottom of the list and we look after our kids, our families and friends and then we get exhausted and are no use to anyone. Finding a little time in the week which is just for you seems impossible but is very important.

2)   Eat well! Again, sometimes when you are busy and on the run you forget to eat meals or you eat whatever is in the fridge. I think taking a bit of time in the evenings when the kids are asleep to look at what you are going to eat the next day, maybe make a packed lunch for work or when you are out with the kids. Make sure you’re fuelling your body so that you have the energy and the stamina to keep up with a really busy family life.

3)   Don’t beat yourself up. I say that for myself as well because sometimes when you’ve got kids you feel like you are doing everything wrong and you sort of end up cursing yourself and thinking ‘why did I do that?’ or ‘why didn’t I do that?’. We are all going to have good days, bad days, tough days, easy days, so don’t beat yourself up.

4)   Treat yourself! I think it is really important in the week, or even every day, to have a little treat or little moment that is just for you to celebrate being a parent and give yourself a pat on the back. For me it’s having a really nice coffee, or whether it’s having a chat on the phone with a really great friend, just little moments when you take time to give yourself a well done.

5)   Buy yourself a really good hat because I don’t think I have ever had time to brush my hair before taking my kids to nursery or school. So, get a good hat and pop it on your head – job’s a good’n!

Television and radio presenter and renowned yoga enthusiast, FEARNE COTTON, is releasing her first ever children’s book YOGA BABIES, this Thursday 7th September 2017.

Complete with fabulous images from highly respected illustrator Sheena Dempsey, Yoga Babies is a charming children’s picture book featuring a group of loveable yogi pre-schoolers; the beautiful illustrations highlight a range of yoga poses the characters are trying. As children are being read the book, they can either have a go at copying the poses or simply enjoy the story and spot the funny details in the pictures.

Publisher: Andersen Press, RRP: £9.99

Yoga Babies is released as a hardback on Thursday 7th September 2017, RRP £9.99.

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