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Clever Little Things

We’re suckers for smarty-pants little gizmos and a few fantastic ones have popped up on our radar recently…

The Chillipeeps 3-in-1 teat is a lifesaver when you are out and about with a hungry child and no clean bottle. Sure, you can grab some ready mix formula or a bottle of water from the store but how to serve? Keep one of these teats in your bag (it comes in a pod to keep it sterile/dishwasher fresh) and it either screws into a ready mix bottle or water bottle or slots into a carton. Simple.

Need to change a bottom on the fly? The Snappy Bin is a fab way to keep your hands clean and hygienically store the soiled nappy until you can find somewhere to dispose of it properly. Plus it folds down into a purse size. Don’t just use it for nappies – it’s great as a travel bin too.

And finally, we’re not medical experts and we don’t advocate drinking and breastfeeding, but we do lend our empathy to all the mums (us included) who have had a glass of wine at the end of the day once the little one was settled – then wouldn’t you know, they wake up again wanting another feed. The Milkscreen testing kit is available to order online from Amazon and we think everyone should have one (just in case). A few drops expressed onto the tester and the gadget simply gives you a + or – to let you know whether you are good to go or not. One word of wisdom we will share though is that many of us (again, we are raising our own hands here too) would assume that the quickest way to get alcohol out of our milk would be to pump out the contaminated milk – but actually the reverse is true, this just makes it more concentrated. Best advice is to wait, to eat – and not to beat yourself up about it.