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SM chats to… Georgia Metcalfe of The French Bedroom Company

The French Bedroom Company was set up by Georgia Metcalfe when she was unable to find the perfect bed…

Now the company – which stocks a whole range of beautifully chic bedroom furniture, bedding and accessories – has been named as a “Cool Brand” (for the 4th consecutive year) is a Sheerluxe winner, an Amara Blog winner and a House Beautiful Awards Gold winner.

We ooh-ed and ooh-la-la’d over the upholstered headboards, we swooned at the freestanding gilt mirrors. And were delighted that Georgia Metcalfe – Creative Director and Founder of The French Bedroom Company – had time to tell us all about her world…


SM: Thanks for taking the time to do this interview. Where do we fit into your schedule today?

Georgia Metcalfe: I’ve just got off the phone from our delivery manager and I’m about to go into a team meeting. It’s Monday, so it means the team are extra busy processing weekend orders and getting deliveries booked in so we can get goodies to customers ASAP.

SM: Which are your bestselling items?

Georgia Metcalfe:
Our best sellers contain an eclectic mix of classic French items and also some contemporary and smart pieces. Our collection has over 500 products so there’s plenty to choose from! Our strongest contenders range from the bigger pieces, such as the Provencal Sassy Bed, Versailles Bedside Table and Strictly Studded Floor Mirror, right down to the smaller products and accessories like the Diana Bust, Provencal Rattan Chair and Grandeur Wall Light.

SM: And which do your own family love most?

Georgia Metcalfe: We love the whites; we mix French white furniture and mirrors with the modern white accessories and lighting.  My new favourite item is this Velvet Chesterfield Bench in pale grey, just can’t wait for it to arrive! and it will sit really gently in our all-white bedroom.

SM: As a next step from your role with English style brand Sanderson (Georgia was PR Director) what was the attraction of French furniture?

Georgia Metcalfe: The romantic curves, the femininity, the gracefulness and unashamed elegance.

SM: What advice would you give to someone planning a French style bedroom makeover?

Georgia Metcalfe: Start gently; go for an ornate French mirror and chandelier combination (you can pair this combo with just about any style you might already have in your bedroom).  Then, add more pieces when you’re ready: French Armoire, Chest of drawers, and then the grand French Bed!  And if you’re not sure if you can stretch your style (or convince your partner) to gold or silver then start with white and add a gold or silver piece further down the line.

SM: Are your pieces timeless or do you draw on trends?

Georgia Metcalfe: We tend to offer timeless furniture and then an array of accessories and lighting that span from timeless all the way to bleeding edge design.  That way, customers can style their bedrooms in an up to date way by only replacing a pair of bedside lamps or a chair.

SM: What’s on your moodboard at the moment?  

Georgia Metcalfe: We were just styling one of the shots for the next photoshoot today: a deep teal wall paint, a pair of wooden bedside tables, and a grey linen studded bed, accessorised with large green leafy plants, and a big pile of Vogue magazines.

SM: What has been your proudest moment?

Georgia Metcalfe: When we were first announced a Cool Brand back in 2011.  We’ve been named every year since, and I’m always so proud to feel that we’re recognised alongside brands such as Liberty, Apple and Aston Martin!  The team here work so hard so it’s a great reward for everyone.

SM: Finally (we had to ask), with such beautiful bedroom furnishings, are you actually a huge romantic…?

Georgia Metcalfe: Hahaha, yes! I am.  Because I work with my husband it’s very easy to just talk shop every evening (because we both love it so much).  We put a bath tub in our bedroom to ensure we take time with a glass of wine to chat through the day together, and we have a (True Grace) scented candle by the bed that gets lit every night.  Catching up with ‘us’ time is really important, and when you’re so busy with work and children you have to really make this time – it just doesn’t present itself anymore!

Editor’s pick: we love the quirky statement this Trippy Granny bedspread makes…

Order online from The French Bedroom Company.

Images: French Bedroom Company