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Clever Clogs Products: The Philips Avent UGrow Smart Baby Monitor

Once upon a dark age (not so long ago really) you kept tabs on your sleeping child by keeping the door open and listening hard. Grandmothers may have tales of ‘we tied a little bell to the blankie, so we’d hear when baby woke up…’

When electronic baby monitors first came out they either meant tuning in to a crackly hiss of white noise (with a sleeping baby masquerading somewhere in the frequency) or some sort of motion setting off a beeping audio so loud that it woke up the next three streets (not to mention the baby).

Thankfully, the Philips Avent UGrow Smart Baby Monitor is nothing like any of these –  it is a high definition monitor  which uses connected technology to monitor sleep and environment, automatically capturing variables such as room temperature and humidity. The uGrow Smart Baby Monitor is app controlled from any Android or iOS device, moving seamlessly between networks to maintain a continuous connection, which gives complete peace of mind to new parents. Its dedicated, user-friendly app also lets you share a video stream with up to ten family members or friends.

In short: if you are at work or you want to check in on the baby sitter you can not only see your child at 720p HD resolution (and if need be change the temperature or lighting), but you can also interact with him. All from your phone or tablet.

“We’re excited to be making such meaningful strides in digital innovation and supporting parents to give their babies the best start in life, setting the stage for healthy futures,” explains Maylis Galeano Do Amaral, Avent Marketing Manager, Philips UK & Ireland.

The Philips Avent uGrow Smart Baby Monitor is available now from Amazon, priced at RRP £180.