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UNICEF release #EarlyMomentsMatter video for International Women’s Day

For International Women’s Day, UNICEF is releasing a beautiful and emotional new video to honor an everyday hero. The video features the story of an inspirational great-grandmother from Cayo, Belize who has returned to parenthood once again to become the primary caregiver of her four-year-old great-granddaughter Allizon, where she is doing everything she can to provide an enriching and loving environment for her to grow up in.

The video forms part of UNICEF’s #EarlyMomentsMatter campaign, which aims to drive increased understanding of how children’s early experiences can help influence brain development.

Join the Tablet Debate – and donate to UNICEF

Should you let your child use a tablet?

A new research project, aimed at discovering the influence technology has on children’s learning, social interactions and play, from birth to 47 months, is being launched today.

Dr Elena Hoicka, and PhD students Stephanie Powell and Burcu Soy, from the University of Sheffield’s Department of Psychology, are looking to discover whether technology, such as tablets, is good for children’s development, bad, or a bit of both.

Parents across the world are invited to participate in the study by completing a survey at babylovesscience.com and repeating the survey six months later.

The survey asks questions about how long children use different types of technology – such as a tablet or a television – the previous day.

It also asks questions about how children prefer to learn, what children understand about other people, and whether and how children engage in pretend play. It only takes around 20-30 minutes to register and complete the survey.

Parents of children with low activities levels, such as newborns, are also invited to participate, as the researchers are interested in how technology impacts children right from the beginning.

At the end of the survey, parents will receive a summary of their child’s learning style, social understanding, and play.

Importantly, parents will be invited to repeat the survey six months later, which allows researchers to determine whether technology has an impact or not.

For every parent who completes the survey twice, six months apart, £2 will be donated to UNICEF.

Spare a thought for babies born into danger this Xmas

More than 16 million babies were born in conflict zones in 2015 – 1 in 8 of all births worldwide this year.

In conflict-affected countries such as Afghanistan, the Central African Republic and Syria, or on perilous journeys to escape fighting, new-born children and their mothers face enormous risks. Pregnant mothers are in danger of giving birth without medical help and in unsanitary conditions.

In addition to conflict, poverty, climate change and lack of opportunities are making children increasingly vulnerable and have pushed millions on dangerous journeys away from their homes.

Find out how to join UNICEF’s #FightUnfair campaign: http://www.unicef.org/fightunfair