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Lovely Little Things: January Sales Picks

Things we really want right now at a snip of the price… Thank you January sales 🙂

Boutique Focus: Vibrant Home

Stockists of delightfully cheerful homeware, you can be sure there’s never a dull moment at Vibrant Home. Owner Sarah filled us in on all things bright and beautiful…

SM: How did Vibrant Home come about?

Sarah: As our children grew up, friends often commented on how bright and ‘vibrant’ our kitchen was and asked where we bought it all. Based on this, two years ago we set up Vibrant Home, to share all the lovely colourful things that we use every day. Our focus started with Rice melamine, as this has, and continues to be, used by us every day (and still looks as good as new years on). Our aim was to provide a very wide range of colours and styles across the Rice range as I find I get frustrated when I can’t purchase everything from one place.

SM: Which are your best selling items?

Sarah: Has to be the colourful Rice melamine cups and the beautiful raffia baskets, they are so gorgeous. As coffee lovers, my husband and I have also tried out every ‘travelling coffee cup’ we can find and discovered the JoCo cup and these are now very popular…

SM: And which do your own family like best?

Sarah: We all love the colourful melamine, especially the small melamine bowls as they have so many uses from breakfast yogurt to Strawberries and Cream.

It is interesting that whoever comes to our house, everyone (adults and children alike) automatically pick the bright melamine plates or cups rather than the classic white china (and my girlfriends are always checking my cupboards for the latest collection additions).

SM: What are your biggest challenges, running the business?

Sarah: Trying to juggle a growing business and family life, two dogs and a cat. My technology skills have grown considerably as I’ve learnt to run an online business! My husband helps a lot (he designed and configured the web site) and has even learnt how to wrap a parcel nicely.

SM: How do you source products/brands?

Sarah: We add brands and products from things that we see when out and about and my daughter is always full of suggestions – she drives the Happy Jackson brand and the stationery (what is it with teenage girls and their addiction to pencil cases?). We are always looking for British made or British designed products or those that are ethically sourced (check out the Muggi’s and the handmade colourful shoe laces as unusual examples)

SM: What tips would you have for adding colour to one’s home?

Sarah: Add the colours that you love, a few bits of colourful melamine can change the whole look of a table or your kitchen without having to spend a fortune. Add a raffia storage basket to any room, perfect place to store magazines or a few toys, but brings a touch of instant colour. The kitchen range from CKS Zeal is durable and really useful and compliments the Rice Melamine or other colourful accessories.

Vibrant Home picnic rice dk

Be a bit daring and ‘Live Life in Colour’.

Shop online at www.vibranthome.co.uk

SM reads… ‘Mum Hacks’ by Tanith Carey

When this one arrived we did wonder if Tanith would be able to teach us old dogs any new tricks… So often with parenting self-help books, the suggestions are either too complicated to integrate into family life or just not the kind of things that resonate with boisterous children.

SM tester writes: this book is so easy to read that I did it in one evening; very straight-talking, very ‘to the point’. The premise is that as a Mum you could save a lot of time and effort with a few tips, a bit of streamlining, some systems, a dash of decluttering and a rigid set of rules. The book is divided into sections discussing areas of family turbulence such as mealtimes, the school run, holidays, bedtimes etc plus some advice on getting on top of toybox explosions, toddler strops and how to sneak in a 200 calorie workout in the playground.

Some of the tips, for a seasoned parent, are fairly obvious (like get a high chair with a washable plastic tray; let’s face it, who *doesn’t* opt for the cheapy Ikea one at least by their second child?) or store hairbands on the handle of the hairbrush – but actually it makes a lot of sense to have all the tips in one place and if you have a slightly child-frazzled brain, some of them serve as a reminder (I found myself saying to my other half ‘remember when we used to do that, that worked for a bit, didn’t it?)

There are also some tips that are total genius. Making a week’s worth of school sandwiches and freezing them, for example. Great idea! Slicing pizza with scissors; OK so you won’t win Masterchef but it’s better than battling with a knife or pizza cutter. Keeping a bin in the car; again, it’s a curveball one but it makes sense… 

‘Mum Hacks’ is available on Amazon or in good book retailers.

Editor’s tip: Tanith applauds the benefits of ditching the Bunnykins bowls and cups in favour of plastic or melamine. Can’t resist cute plates at teatime? Check out the range of colourful kids’ unbreakables at Vibrant Home...