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#MMHALILLYANDSID: In praise of great baby blankets…

BADGE2Our junior columnist Wild Hendry tells us why the Lilly and Sid baby blankets got his vote…

Wild writes “I am four years old now and I still have a baby blankie on my bed. So does my brother, who is two. It’s the same one he came home from hospital in. My brother likes to snuggle under his, but I tuck my fox called Bubble up each night in mine, in case he gets a chill.

IMG_00003111Our blankies are from Lilly and Sid, who make all sorts of good things including hoodies and rabbits and tshirts with pirates on. I could go on about blankies being soft and warm but you might know that already; what you might not know is that they can be used as flags when you need one for your den, or to wrap things up when you are playing at having birthdays, or picnic rugs if girls come over and want a teddy tea party.

I start school in September so will probably have to stop taking my fox Bubble with me in my bag like I do for nursery. But I know he’ll be alright, tucked up on my bed, waiting til I get home…”

To vote for Lilly and Sid baby blankets on social media use hashtag #MMHALILLYANDSID

A little preview of our print magazine

Look out for copies of Slick Mummy magazine at family friendly cafes, children’s boutiques and play centres.

Here’s a little peek at what’s in the Spring issue, or read it online here.

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#DadDiary: Scooting for Boys with @microscooters

One of our Dad Reviewers writes about his experience with a range of Microscooters


#DadDiary: My eldest son is three and we got him a Microscooter back at 18 months when we were in France over Xmas. I spent many a freezing day pulling him up and down ‘les rues’ and ‘dans la foret’ – he was a bit too little and had no patience for it. Then I (‘like a fool’, says my missus) left it outside of our previous flat and it was stolen…

So I was really chuffed at the chance to review not just another Mini microscooter for my eldest son, but also one of the new Mini2Go with my youngest son (who makes up for in energy and enthusiasm what he currently lacks in hair!) – AND – a Flex Air one myself (reliving my boyhood dream).

I’m one of those Dads who is passionate about engineering and the first thing that struck me  about the kids’ scooters is how smoothly they glide. In fact, when (at first) you need to give the lads a push or a pull to get them going, unlike with the cheaper scooters out there which lack any sort of energy efficiency, these are lightweight, have a fluid movement and little resistance; the net result is easy on my back (which already doubles up as a pony most days!)


Like I said, my eldest really didn’t have any interest the last time we tried to get him scooting. But this time – and with a striking bright orange set of wheels – he couldn’t wait to get himself down the street. Steering wasn’t his forte straight away, so my missus sensibly suggested that we get him a helmet. He also LOVED the fact that the scooter comes with a set of stickers – so immediately covered not only the chassis but also the wheels, himself – and the dog – with them.

My youngest is the sporty one, and tenacious with it. The Mini2Go comes with a removable seat that is robust enough to sit on but doesn’t hinder the movement of the scooting (or in his case, bum shuffling!) at all. It’s a bit like a ‘go faster’ Trunki. It also came with a cuddly monkey that won my son’s heart straight away – it’s almost like Microscooters had met him before they designed this model!

And as for mine, well – I must confess that I do work in the Shoreditch area of East London and have something of a loathing for the bearded, bespectacled hipsters you see accessorizing with ‘grown up’ scooters. But you never see them actually scoot anywhere – they just park them up outside groovy coffee shops.

Now, personally I fancy myself as a bit of a skateboarding legend (in my head) and love the fact that this adult scooter has the look and feel of a skateboard deck and has a reasonable turn of speed to it. The whole thing folds down into something you could either carry or chuck in the back of the car (I’ll admit, it took me a bit of head-scratching to get it unfolded the first time but that’s because it is actually SO simple that a man-brain tends to over think the mechanism! My missus just went ‘oh, does it work like this?’ and the chassis unfolded like a dream…)

Day one I thought I’d have a little try ’round the garden and find my feet a bit. Not likely as straight away the boys were wanting a race… And then another race… By that evening we were whizzing down the street high-five-ing each other.

Later that night I fancied a beer and scooted myself up to the off-licence. It’s a bit of a dilemma actually; do you take the scooter into the shop, leave it outside…? But the guy behind the counter thought it was awesome and so I brought it in, he had a little go… we did the male bonding thing. On the ride back I thought I’d chance a cheeky ollie, but then spied a couple of teenagers riding their scooters completely hands-free… So I left the showing off to them!

Day two we had to go to the in-laws for lunch. It’s quite a long way and we took public transport (to avoid the Sunday drivers that make my blood boil). Normally eldest son will have a moan about the walk to the station at either end of this journey; I end up having him on my shoulders and then it’s Radox in the bath for me that night… But today I suggested we take his scooter on the train – and this went down pretty well. So well that by the time we were at the first station we needed to set down a few ground rules about no scooting on the platform, no scooting on the stairs, no scooting into commuters… You can just hoik the scooter up onto the luggage racks (adult ones too) and I fashioned myself a tow rope (from a bit of rope… creative eh?) thinking he might need a pull up the hill to the grandparents – but instead he scooted himself and chased me with ‘a lasso’ …

Tomorrow I’m dropping my car in to be serviced, so the plan is to take the scooter in the boot and then scoot home from the garage.

I’m a Scooter Boy now.


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