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Dad Diaries: we test out the Toy State Nikko Air DRL Race Vision 220 FPV Drone

Dad tester writes: “This thing might say ‘ages 8 and up’ on the box but with a bit of kit like this, the kids aren’t gonna get a look in! You’re no doubt reading this about to lambast me with cries of ‘sharing is caring!’ – but hear me out first. 

If you’ve hankered after a drone you mostly want it for one of two reasons. One is that you work for Red Bull and want to make amazing videos of people riding BMX bikes through waterfalls… the other (like me) is you want to show off doing tricks in the park and use the camera to see how bald your head looks like to a high flying bird. 

Another thing about a lot of drones on the market; you buy the basic thing, then you need a whole bunch of other kit (and expertise) to get it going. I can change a fuse, but I’m not an engineer. This one is about as ‘plug and go play’ as you can get. 

So the story goes that Nikko Air teamed up with DRL (that’s the Drone Racing League to non-dronies) to create what is really the ultimate starter kit for stunt pilots. It comes with a headset and a really clear screen that you can either mount to the controller or wear as part of the headset (I found the former option a lot easier but I think the headset gives you a truly immersive experience). 

Once batteries are in and both drone and controller switched on you can see that it is connected. Getting up in the air is pretty easy (well, on ‘beginner mode’ it is anyway!) Obviously move all breakable items and half full cups of tea if you are going to do a test flight in the kitchen – or download the software to your laptop and have a practice on the simulator before you take it out. Or just be a complete freestyler and give it a whirl (the controls are pretty self-explanatory). 

You can manually switch the camera to point it straight or up/down and this drone comes with a handy SD card to record flights. I wouldn’t say it is indestructible, but if you stack it a few times it can take the crash. 

There is obviously a LOT you can do with this drone (race, perform stunts, improve your pilot skills in the simulator etc) but for now getting it up, whizzing about and getting it to flip like one-in-three attempts makes me feel like I work for NASA…

Now – what was it you said about sharing with the kids again..?”

Find out more on the Nikko Air website.