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Lovely Little Things: Personalised cake from Intercake

I’ve always shied away from anything other than store-bought cakes for occasions; I don’t know  if my inability to create anything picture-perfect or the plethora of #CakeFail insta feeds has affected my decision – but two years in a row now this has meant that my other half has celebrated his 38th and 39th birthdays with a Gruffalo cake.

Time to find another option? Have you ever noticed those Intercake booths? You’ll find them in Asda and Morrisons stores. You can upload your own image onto a cake (which can be a variety of shapes and sizes) and it is created in store while you wait (or order online for home delivery).

First you either upload an image (you can do this in store from a  memory stick or your phone – or online just upload from your device) and then select the border (if you want one). The plain white icing makes a great canvas – my tip would be buck the cheesy b’day mugshot image and give it a whirl with a grainy/moody filter, you’ll be pleasantly surprised! You can also add text.

Price-wise, the cakes work out pretty much the same as a supermarket theme cake (even a Gruffalo) so it’s basically win/win, whichever way you look at it.

Find out more or order online here.