The Baby Show and MadeforMums survey reveals 40% of mothers felt pressurized to breastfeed, 81% struggled…

New breastfeeding research from The Baby Show with MadeForMums – released today – has revealed that 81% of new mums struggled with breastfeeding, with 72% of those having to seek expert help from a midwife or health visitor, a breastfeeding specialist or a breastfeeding book or website.

In the survey, two out of three mums (67%) said they breastfed their babies – and 33% did so exclusively.  16% said they didn’t as they found it too difficult while 17% actively chose not to.

Of those new mums questioned by The Baby Show, 40% said they felt pressured to breastfeed – with the biggest pressure coming from health professionals such as midwives and health visitors (67% said).  Nearly half (45%) said they felt pressured by society while more than one in three (37%) admitted they put the pressure on themselves. Just 6% said they were pressured by their partner, 16% said they were pressured by their peers and one in 10 (13%) said they were pressured by website forums like Mumsnet.

Geraldine Miskin, author of Breastfeeding Made Easy is a breastfeeding specialist at The Baby Show with MadeForMums which returns to the ExCeL, London this weekend (19th – 21st February).  She says: “For some mums and babies, breastfeeding is an absolute doddle. Others have to work to establish it and some never master breastfeeding no matter how hard they try. It isn’t always easy but all mums can do is their best, so they shouldn’t be hard on themselves.”

Geraldine Miskin will be returning to The Baby Show stage with MadeForMums on Saturday 20th and Sunday 21st February at 11.30 with her talk – Breastfeeding Made Easy – Five Golden Breastfeeding Rules. New to the Show this year will be the Private Consultation Area where visitors can meet with Geraldine between 12.15pm – 1.15pm on Saturday and Sunday and ask her any questions they may have one-to-one.