The lazy way to do Kegels

Mother of three Kate Winslet famously said (in 2002) ‘I didn’t do pelvic floor exercises cos I didn’t have the time, I don’t even know where my pelvic floor is…’

Well, frankly, who *does* have the time to be imagining lift shafts in your nether regions whilst sitting in traffic, or pulsing and releasing whilst doing the washing up? Not busy actresses, that’s for sure…

But somehow, even the dire consequences of downstairs-dribbling during hilarious girls’ nights out, explosive sneezes or even ‘roomy’ sex can actually motivate most women to practice Kegels on a daily basis.

So, there must be a cheat’s way, right?

Fitness guru Katy Bowman, creator of the App ‘Down there for Women’ (gosh knows what other delights searching for that will generate in your Store preferences!) claims it is actually all about the squat – focusing on just the pelvic floor simply makes this alone tighten. Midwife extroidinaire Ina May Gaskin mirrored this thinking when she said ‘do 300 squats a day and you’ll give birth quickly’, but Katy suggests that a simpler option (to integrate into everyday life) might be to squat over the toilet – as though you were at an outdoor festival.

Women’s Health Mag’s ‘Better Sex Workout’ also has some more general tips, suggesting you integrate pelvic tilts and hip flexors into your everyday workout.

Or maybe consider a Jade Egg as an Easter gift with fewer calories… Polished semi-precious eggs delivered in boxes of various denominations (Princess, Empress, Queen) are inserted into the vagina and the mere act of holding them up there does the work of strengthening, tightening and toning. To get them out apparently one simply squats and expels – like a bizarre human chicken.

Cosmo, however, suggests that if you really want to incorporate Kegels into your daily routine, why not do them whilst masturbating, or even having sex? Maybe Kate Winslet could benefit from a bit of multi-tasking…