The Mama Wax at Strip

If having a presentable lady garden is on your checklist for the delivery room (hey, it’s gonna be the centre of attention for a fair few hours, right?) then a Mama-Wax from Strip (the waxing joint loved by celebs including Victoria Beckham) might be a better solution than jiggling precariously in front of a mirror with a LadyShave…

STRIP, London’s leading waxing boutique, offer an intimate waxing treatment for mothers-to-be, specifically designed to prepare and pamper the most intimate areas up to when the pushing begins. Just as every bride wants to look her best on her wedding day, expectant mothers should feel as calm and as comfortable as they can when their due date arrives. 
STRIP’s maternity wax is designed to be as bespoke and pain-free as possible without compromising on effectiveness, leaving you soft, smooth and relaxed. All STRIP therapists are trained to the highest standards, and will advise on custom wax blends for individual clients. Most importantly, STRIP’s therapists understand that a body in the 2-3 Trimester moves and behaves differently during pregnancy and needs to be treated accordingly. In addition, STRIP’s sumptuous treatment rooms have superior beds which can be adjusted to support tummies of all sizes carrying precious cargo and the sorest, most sensitive backs. Strip also offer a selection of stylish maternity nursing bras and briefs in a variety of colours and sizes.
Prices are the same as a normal hot wax, however the treatment time is extended, and the therapists are trained to make sure the treatment is carried out in the most suitable and comfortable way for expectant mothers.