Track your kids with wearable GPS

Since the dawn of crowded airports and shopping centres, mothers have been worrying about their children wandering off…

A quick poll, ’round some of our writers reveals that solutions from our own childhood involved everything from sewing ‘if lost…’ labels into our underwear to  writing contact phone numbers on children’s arms with marker pen before embarking on trips to the unknown or the overwhelming.

Thankfully, the advent of wearable tech means no more scrubbing Sharpie off your child – but is a GPS tracker the answer to our problems or an additional worry in itself. Will the battery run out. will it stay attached to my child, is the device itself attractive to thieves? Or (the more macabre, let’s not dwell on this on a sunny April morn!) idea that fitting a tracking device sends out the signal to a would be kidnapper that a high ransom demand might be paid,

Cheerfully though – devices we love include:

Tintinell: this is a really simple wrist phone (the result of a Kickstarter campaign) with just one button so that your child can either call you or answer a call. It takes a SIM card and pairs with your smartphone, allowing tracking as well as providing a simple contact solution. The first batch of these sold out but batch two can be pre-ordered and they come in four colours, have a sturdy design and are waterproof.

The HereO watch: another crowdfunded design, this one looks and operates like a child’s watch but carries a tracker function which syncs with your smartphone. Little-explorer-friendly designs and water resistant. Order yours here.

Or just want to make sure your contact digits are legible if your little one goes walkabout? Kattoo temporary tattoos cost just £5.99 for a pack of six (with a special pen) and allow you to write a short message and stick to your child.  Or get a set of festival-style wristbands printed up (Kiddymania’s ones start at just 15p each.)