Twelve Drinks of Xmas

It’s time for us to bid adieu for a few days as we shoo the children away from the tree chocolate and press their best shirts in preparation for Granny’s arrival.

Thanks for reading Slick Mummy – and thanks for all the lovely comments – and a special mention to the awesome brands and super PRs who have worked with us over 2015 to ensure we have amazing content.

Next year is really exciting for us as we launch the print magazine, so we’ll sign off now for an early night and a bit of beauty-sleep. (Dream on!)

But before we go – we’ve put together a little ‘Twelve Days of Xmas’ list if you’re stuck for ideas for what to leave out as Santa’s tipple.

  1. Raisthorpe Manor Sloe Port – maybe with a nice cheese?
  2. Mac n Wild Ginger Laddie – for a toast to the highlands
  3. Savse Super Red strawberry smoothie with a shot of vodka (it’s a little bit good for you)
  4. Rock Rose gin and a curl of orange (our new favourite gin)
  5. Gold Fever Toddy made from Authentic Caribbean Rum
  6. Belvoir fruit juice Christmas Punch
  7. Newly launched (and probably lethal) Jagermeister Spice
  8. Dirty White Xmas at Frankie’s Sports Bar in Fulham
  9. Beinn Dubh, a unique ruby-black whisky from Speyside Distillery
  10. Where the Wild Roses Grow, made with Snow Leopard vodka
  11. The Blizzard, made with Peaty Creag from Tanners Wines
  12. Hot Buttered Gin from Portobello Road Gin