Twistshake: the coolest baby bottles ever!

Baby bottles have never really been chic. Sure, there have been fads: the one that look like boobs, the ones with the little stir sticks that always get lost in the depths of the dishwasher, the ones with little air bubbles…

But Swedish company Twistshake have come along and re-written the rule book with their range of striking coloured bottles which are not only  practical – but as any mum will surely agree – seem to have been designed with a bit of common sense too!

The colour range is gorgeous – and you can mix and match them up for added candy pop effect – and all the parts are durable, dishwashable/microwavable and fit together so intuitively you almost wonder if you’ve missed a bit out (you haven’t!)

Clever touches include the inner filter which prevents clogs, aids colic and makes for a smoother flow plus also the measuring scale on the side of the bottle, which is in regular, easy to read increments (unlike many we’ve seen).

The bottles come in a variety of sizes with a choice of teats and with a handy powder box system – great for traveling. You can also use the powder boxes to store snacks in (use as an impromptu rattle, secret place to put seashells etc – your kids will find a million uses!)

Order from the website (and then match ’em to your nail polish!)