Wage war on wrinkles

Nothing like cold weather, early starts and school run stress to exacerbate those wrinkles.

We’re loving these little skin-savers…

Works with Water is a slightly bizarre wrinkle fighting concept in that it is a course of little shots of apple flavoured jelly. These shots are actually PravenAGE supplements to help nourish your skin with collagen, aloe extract and coEnzyme Q10. They take a few weeks for the benefits to really show – and swallowing apple jelly on a daily basis takes a bit of getting used to – but you’re downing a big old dose of marine collagen so grin and bear it and think of those laughter lines being nicely plumped up.

Zk’in Organics is an Australian range available in the UK which uses extract of Paracress in its Line Smoothing Serum. This award winning product is a natural alternative to injectables and really does pack a punch (it also smells amazing). Use it on your eyes, or directly onto lines. It’s totally vegan too.