Which buggy is best for jogging?

Fancy burning off a few calories but can’t find anyone to watch the bambino whilst you hit the gym? Baby jogging might seem like the answer, but having the wrong kit can lead to frustration, boredom (and detours to the corner shop for a Magnum…)

The Which Report suggests serious joggers should opt for a full on jogging device – complete with wheels of varying size dependent on your own stride.  ‘These pushchairs feature three rust-resistant alloy wheels, distinctive frame designs, 20in, 16in or 12in wheels, shock absorbers, suspension and a fixed front wheel.The large wheels make the ride smoother, and give better control and shock absorption in off-road conditions. These pushchairs are designed for running on pavements, rough and sandy surfaces….‘ they say.

Out and About’s Nipper Sport has won lots of awards in the Women’s Running category and is the sort of thing you’d feel a bit silly pushing if you WEREN’T jogging, so if you need some motivation then this might be your buggy.

Less hardcore joggers might prefer something a bit more versatile and compact. Phil and Ted’s are a brand loved by town-and-country-housers wanting a buggy as comfortable in the fields of Somerset as it is on Bond St and we love the Dot v2, pictured below in bang-on-trend Apple.

If you’re more of a yomper than a runner, but still want a buggy that will go the extra mile (as it were) we can’t fault the Quinny Buzz Xtra, Light but robust, smooth steering and a unique gas spring to aide folding and unfolding, this one is the king of the urban jungle – or if you fancy giving  hiking a try (Victoria Beckham is a fan) then this is a good bet on a gradient too.