#Win a £50 Boots voucher by voting in Oilatum® Daily Top Tip Competition

If you’ve got kids with dry skin conditions, chances are you have Oilatum in your bathroom cabinet. And you’ll know what a godsend it is when flare ups cause tears, sleepless nights – and heaven forbid but it happens – teasing in the playground.

Oilatum has teamed up with real parents and The British Skin Foundation to put together ten top tips for little ones with dry and sensitive skin – we thought they were pretty good so have featured below. Please do drop us a line or share a Tweet if you can think of other helpful ideas that might have been have missed out, or just tell us what works for you and your little one – we love a bit of shared wisdom!

In addition, the kind chaps at Oilatum have also offered us a competition prize of a £50 Boots voucher for the best additional tip, so don’t be shy. (Editor’s decision is final, no cash alternative, gratuitous pics of super cute bubbas in the bath will definitely score you bonus points in our office…)

Editor’s tip: oh gosh this will sound awful but in there is an episode of Peppa Pig where George Pig gets wet, doesn’t take off his wet clothes and subsequently gets a cold. So my boys can often be heard saying ‘get those wet things off so you don’t catch a cold like George Pig’ – but obviously the logic here is that wet clothes aggravate the skin…