Your skin, only a grape deal better…

We’ve often convinced ourselves of the benefits of grapes (normally in a ‘medicinal’ Pinot Noir) but as a result of an educational evening courtesy of the clever types at chic Parisian beautyInstagramCapture_4f1f6ba6-5cba-4110-bf89-57ac5c874894 brand Caudalie, we now know that grapes are jolly good for one’s skin as well.

In fact, they have created an entire Vinosource collection – harnessing the wonderful powers of grape water – including facial mist (great for keeping in your handbag for long, sweaty journeys …and works on baby bottoms too!) and four moisturisers, including for sensitive and dry skin, plus a clever mattifying one.

The whole collection is delightfully pink and Caudalie decided to launch their range amidst rosy blooms, candy floss and marshmallows. InstagramCapture_ae58500d-2017-434c-8ef1-d2d4f3cbc061


Pink to make the boys wink? We think so…

The Vinosource range is available online and in stores now.

(Thanks to Kilpatrick PR and Caudalie)